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Geo Vacation – Do you?

It’s the time of year when everyone dreams of that wonderful, relaxing, get-away vacation. Oh, no – wait. That’s the go-south-in-the-middle-of-freezing cold winter vacation! Summer is when the kids are out of school and everyone piles into the car to go somewhere fun. With campers and coolers and flip-flops and insect repellant. Where we travel the country and see the sights or travel to the cottage for a few weeks of fun and noise and chaos and BBQs.

When you go on vacation, do you make time for geocaching along the way? Do you sneak a few in, here and there, when the location and circumstances are just right? Does your “other half” or your kids roll their eyes when they see you with the GPS? Or, are you one of the lucky ones who cache with your family, who make it part of your journey?

We are 2 of the lucky ones. The kids are all grown up and out on their own, no longer vacationing with the “old folks”. So when we go, we choose a new place we want to see and load up all the caches we can. We research the area before we go, we look at what there is to see and do near where we’ll be staying. We look up the area on, find it on the map and see what caches are available. We spend a fair bit of time reading cache pages and logs, getting a feel for what we might like to do. Some days we may sightsee and grab a cache or two and other days we may plan to cache all afternoon. We’re what we like to call “Lazy Cachers”. We’re not in it for the numbers, we rarely cache from sun up to sun down (although we have done that once or twice in the 8 years we’ve been caching) and we don’t mind if we miss some caches or if our plans change mid-stream. We enjoy spending time together, relaxing, seeing new places and, when we feel like it, we cache. Some days we’ll get 30, 40 or more and others we might get 1 or 2.

The Bow River at Canmore, AB.

The Bow River at Canmore, AB.

For us, it truly is about the journey. We flew to Calgary in the summer of 2010 and then drove from there to Banff, Jasper and then through the Rockies and across to Victoria, BC. We spent a few nights here, a couple of nights there, were amazed by the majesty of the mountains and humbled by the beauty we saw. We travelled for and week and a half and lazily cached along the way. Best vacation, ever.




milosheart caching in Jamaica.

milosheart caching in Jamaica.

Our daughter got married in Jamaica in the spring of 2012 so we booked a driver for 2 days, to take us around the island to cache. We got to see far more of Jamaica than just our resort. We saw banana plantations and drove through the mountain villages where the school kids walked miles in their uniforms to get to school. We tasted raw, just cut sugarcane and climbed up lesser know waterfalls. We ate jerk chicken from a food shack out in the middle of nowhere (right smack in prime marijuana country!) and held on for dear life driving through the mountains along windy, narrow roads. We were lucky to see the real Jamaica. And we cached along the way.

This fall we’ll be heading to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a week and then hit the 7th Annual Get Useless in Eustis event (GC57X9E) in western Maine on the way home. We’re looking forward to relaxing in the condo in Bartlett, caching when the mood hits us and visiting the area’s sights. Then we get to spend the weekend in Maine, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. And we’ll cache along the way.

How are you going to/how did you incorporate geocaching into your vacation this year?


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