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Tick Twister® Blue – 2 Pack

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Ticks are a health threat.

If you live, work or play in any area where ticks live, you could be at risk for contracting diseases such as Lyme Disease. Geocaching, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, playing outdoor sports, and gardening could bring you, your family and/or your pets in contact with ticks. What would you do if you found a tick latched onto yourself or a loved one? You need Tick Twister®!

Tick Twister® is the most efficient set of tick removal tools for removing ticks, in any location on people and animals such as dogs, cats and horses.


Tick Twister® doesn’t leave the tick’s mouthparts.

The tick’s rostrum (the part that is embedded in the skin and improperly referred to as “the tick’s head”) is covered with backward pointing spikes that allow the tick to “anchor” in the skin.

By pulling up on the tick, the spikes will rise and lock the rostrum in the skin. The tick may break leaving body parts resting in the skin and causing a painful inflammation, or an infection.

By twisting, the spikes bend into the axis of rotation, and the tick is easily removed, without traction, decreasing the risks of breaking the rostrum.


Tick Twister® doesn’t squeeze the tick’s abdomen.

While removing a tick, it is essential not to compress it, reducing the risk of saliva back-flow.

A tick’s saliva contains irritating substances and sometimes microorganisms that can lead to infections and/or allergies.

Tick Twister® does not exert pressure on the tick.


If you get bitten, do not squeeze the tick, do not burn it, do not try to kill the tick or put it to sleep with chemical products before removing it. You should never pull the tick. Instead, remove it with a twisting motion, without compressing it.

Tick Twister® comes in a 2 – pack, one for smaller ticks and one for larger ticks.

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